Ahsan Shabbir
Oct 6

Why Google Map doesn’t show pointer to Exact Google Map Location?

Author Ahsan Shabbir

If you are making an app that has its own addresses database running on the backend and then use an API to fetch the location on the frontend, you might have noticed that the Google API you are using isn’t pointing to the exact map location that you have entered. While if you…

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Mehmood Gakher
Sep 28

What to Look for When Designing or Coding Email Newsletters?

Author Mehmood Gakher

Today internet is well loaded with different marketing strategies for different domains, from social media marketing to inbound marketing. But today when content is the king in the industry Email- marketing is the best approach to spread your information, contact with valuable concerns, promote you sales and update concerns about your entity. The…

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Why I’m unable to edit in WordPress back-end Mehboob Gakher
Sep 27

Why I’m unable to edit in WordPress back-end?

Author Mehboob Gakher

When we talk about the backend of WordPress sites, the most helpful thing is the page builders developed to create stunning web pages with a lot of helping elements inside one package. Different page builders have some advantages over the others but here we are talking especially about the leading page builder used…

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Zainab Qureshi
Mar 15

Supporting & Maintaining WordPress Sites – Why We Need it & How to Go About it?

Author Zainab Qureshi

Providing support to WordPress websites can be a tedious task particularly when you need to visit your website every month and go for WordPress, plugins and themes updates and not knowing why you even need them this frequently. There are four major reasons why you should have everything about your website updated which…

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seo Zainab Qureshi
Feb 24

Common SEO Issues with WordPress Websites Those Need to be Fixed

Author Zainab Qureshi

You need to check your website for a number of things to have it ranked good on search engines. Most of these things are to be checked for once only unlike the frequently done WordPress updates. These are discussed as follows: Title Tag: This is the main title for a html document and…

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