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DevSpot is a global leader of next-generation information technology (IT) services and solutions. Our mission is to provide higher returns on clients’ technology investments through top industry results and domain expertise. We are frequently asked, “What do you do?” We explain to them modestly but yet honestly, “We do remarkable things. We give assistance in order to solve big tasks that are technically difficult, serious challenges.”

We know it’s not what we put in that matters, instead what you as a customer get out of it. Nobody rages about average. For us, customer service is not just a department; it’s our job. To give real service, we add something extra that can’t be measured with money and that is honesty and honor. We pay attention, listen, execute, ask, serve, and exceed.

DevSpot’s web application development comprises of a simple content website application to the complex e-business and social media management to website maintenance. We are aiming to provide our customer with the finest solutions that not only exceed their expectations but satisfy their users and customers as well. We have a rock star team of web developers with diverse experience, so you’ll know that you’re in good hands.

Web Design

“Everything is designed, but few things are designed well.”

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. Our design practice is cooperative, interactive, fun, and spirited. The user’s opinion and their experience of using the site and its content is what is the most important in the end. Merging and using innovative principles of content and design while at the same time enabling the creation of responsive projects is what we do while designing a website.

Mobile App Design

''Thoughts transform into visuals.”

UI/UX design can be the difference between user delight and user disappointment. That’s the reason we have a rock star team of mobile designers who give great attention to even the smallest of details. There’s a story of a great design behind every mobile. Our design practice is cooperative, interactive, fun, and spirited. Work with us, and you’ll quickly get visual designs, models, and simulations that bring your ideas to life. We do more than just “see” your app with stagnant wireframes and screens – we “FEEL” it with prompt visual prototyping.

Graphic Design

“Our designs are creativity with strategy.’’

Graphic design/communication design is the talent and practice of developing and projecting ideas and familiarities with graphic and written content. Basically, it’s used when you don’t want to use one-hundred words to describe something. It’s about using very few words while still supporting the graphic to deliver the complete message.

Social Media

“Forced association is not socialization.” –Adde Carrol

Social media is rapidly rising as one of the most common channels for customer support, so it’s key to interact with the customers who are reaching out to your brand. Nowadays, ignoring clients on social media is like ignoring the phone ringing when they call your help centers. We FOCUS on a whole set of four pillars of social media management through listening, promotions, thought leadership, and customer support.

Web Development

“The world is advancing, be a part of it.”

Do you want to restructure your online presence, but don’t know how to code? Let our qualified team at DevSpot do it for you! Designs make your site look beautiful, but development is what makes it function behind the scenes. Our team of programmers code your site properly so that your shopping cart process, mobile sales portal, or catalog operate correctly every time.

Website maintenance

''High maintenance but SO worth it!”

A web maintenance service? You might be wondering why you need to pay for yet another service. Protection from hackers is just one reason that you might consider web maintenance and support service. It is the best way to secure your website. There are many other good reasons that web maintenance is a necessity today.

Search Engine Optimization

“Make your work known by Search Engine Optimization”

Do you want to boost your company’s online presence? Upon making that initial step to create a site, you also want to be able to generate beneficial traffic by ensuring that your site appears in the search engine organic top rundown to build your opportunities to get more visitors. DevSpot gives you financially savvy SEO services by furnishing you with the best search engine optimization plan tailored for your particular need. Make your business visible throughout the world. Focus on your desired visitors and get your business to show at the top of the search engine. DevSpot makes it possible to show your business at the top of the search engine without all the unnecessary hassle!

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Web technology is ever evolving with new ways to communicate through social media, video and other innovative mediums. Dynamic website functionality, the mobile web and cloud computing are now the norm and growing much faster than anyone expected.

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