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DavidMancusoRotary President

David James Mancuso has been a proud member of the Rotary Club of Hamilton, Ohio since 2002. He was sponsored by the late Denny Walsh, who convinced him that he needed to be a Hamilton Rotarian.Over his thirteen year Rotary career, David has been active on the following committees: Fellowship, Rotary Presents House Committee, The Scholarship Committee, and he participates annually in the Club’s Dictionary Project. David has also chaired the Membership Development Committee and Club Programs. His largest contribution to the Club to date has been his work with the Club’s Hamilton Rotary Science Fair, where he served as Chair of the Committee for twelve years. During that time, David oversaw a total of twenty four Science Fairs, including the judging of over 4,000 Science Fair projects and more than 6,000 students.

David has served on the Rotary Board since the Woody Fitton Administration in 2010. Prior to his induction as President in 2015, David served as Vice President and President Elect. In June of 2015, David was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow that was given to the Club in memory of Dennis G. Walsh. Finally, David is the proud father of future Hamilton Rotarian, Sophie Mancuso.

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