Jenifer Merifield

Fearlesslylive an extraordinary life…

Jenifer Merifield is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coach, Learning and Behaviour (LAB) Coach, and Hypnosis Practitioner, with Expertise in: Speaking, Teaching, Facilitating, Training, Marketing, Human Behaviour and Communications, with a background in: Marketing, Advertising, Publishing and Project Management.She has done training with Dr. William Horton NFNLP, Anthony Robbins, Tom O’Connor, Steve G. Jones AUNLP, Harv Ecker, Eban Pagan, Rory Sheehan, OHC, and Shelle Rose Charvet, and she is a self proclaimed information junkie, forever a student of wise, bold, kick-ass authors in the fields of personal growth, communications, science, health, love, and wellness.

Jenifer has a real affinity for entrepreneurs; she can relate to them. She has been one now for over 20 years. She went from broke to bliss; stressful, crazy, long hours juggling personal and business responsibilities, to earning wealth, slowing down to a comfortable pace, and best of all accepting & finding myself along the way. So while she was not technically in any of the professions she thought she wanted to be in as a kid… she came to realize that she have become some of the best parts of all the things she ever wanted to be (happy dance!)… teaching, creating, problem-solving, discovering, facilitating, guiding, coaching, leaping tall buildings in a single bound… And while she has been known for sometimes doing things the hard way, she is glad she did (do), because from them she truly have experienced both sides of happiness, drive, wealth, freedom, and self esteem.

Fearlessly live an extraordinary life…

Jenifer believes in you!

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