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Common SEO Issues with WordPress Websites Those Need to be Fixed

You need to check your website for a number of things to have it ranked good on search engines. Most of these things are to be checked for once only unlike the frequently done WordPress updates. These are discussed as follows:

Title Tag:

This is the main title for a html document and is required for all such files. This tag displays the title in browsers and search engine results and should be less than 70 characters. If the title tag is missing from your website then Google will look for something concise and relevant to the website. It is a good practice to have a title tag in your website header for your website and you can simply insert it in your header between these tags:


<title> Your Title Tag goes here </title>


Title Description:

It is a short and accurate summary of your website’s content and it appears just below your Title Tag in the search engine results. It should be less than 160 characters, otherwise Google will truncate it. This also helps a searcher to determine if he or she wants to visit this website. It can be done by inserting this tag in your website header:


<meta name=”description” content=”your_description_goes_here”>


Keyword Usage:

Your website most commonly used keywords should appear in title tag and title description for better SEO.

<H1> and <H2> Headings:

<H1> headings are used for emphasizing the important parts of your page whereas the <H2> tags are used for highlighting the sub-headings of your page.


Search engines sends out tiny bots or spiders to search your site and bring info back for indexing your website on search engine. The robots.txt file defines where these bots shouldn’t go on your server. These are simple text files and are placed on the root of your website and anyone can access them. You can create your robots.txt file using any online robots.txt creating tool.


Sitemaps are a guide for webmasters to find which pages of your website should be crawled. To take it simply it is an xml file that has your website urls along with their descriptions that tell which url is more important, when was it last updated etc. so that your website can be crawled more intelligently. You can create a sitemap for your website using any online tool and then uploading it to your root directory.

Underscores in Links:

The URLs of your website shouldn’t have any underscores since it is against the URL guidelines by Google.

Alt-Tags in Images:

If an image is unable to show () then the alt image description shows up in its place. Using human readable attributes and keywords makes the alt description more elaborative and helps in better SEO since search engines cannot see the images.

Inline CSS Test:

It is a nice idea to have all the inline CSS moved to external CSS file such that your page becomes lighter and it minimizes the code to text ratio. For doing this, you must check the HTML code and find all the css attributes and for every styles you should carefully move all the declarations in your external CSS file and remove all inline CSS.

Google Analytics Test:

It is a good idea to have Google Analytics attached to your website since this tool gives you a great support on who visits your website, demographics and quite a comprehensive metrics in analyzing various aspects of your website.


Your website must have a favicon which is a small image icon of the website that appears in the browser tab(window) along with title.

SEO Friendly URLs:

All the URLs of your website must be SEO friendly which means that they shouldn’t have underscore and spaces. This makes the URLs less inviting and difficult to share. Also avoid using default wordpress URL structure which is http://example.com/?p=15. Instead use other URL options given like http://example.com/sample-post/.

Social Media Checker:

Make sure your site is connected to at least one social media because it is a proven way of gaining popularity and to increase the traffic flow of your site.Moreover, they allow you to provide a platform for your traffic to interact with you.



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