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Technology Advancement & HR

Advancements in information and software technology are creating substantial productivity improvements, particularly for the human resource professionals who use contemporary human resource and talent management systems. From videoconferencing to the artificial intelligence, technology has made our world electric & smaller. Enormous amount of information and ideas are in constant move. The challenge for managers is to make sense and good use of advancements.

Mounting technological changes, fast paced adoption of new technology and artificial intelligence is causing a vital rethinking of work practices. HR professional must be prepared to take care of flexible and formative workforces that can adapt continual change. Possibly the utmost challenge companies are facing, is to adjust and embrace constant changes. They should be able to learn rapidly and nonstop; to take on new requirements faster and more comfortably.

Staying Up-to-date with information and software technologies is important for a number of reasons. Technology can reduce the costs of training and development; it can increase an organization’s ability to share information quickly and efficiently, to organize database systematically for back up and to stay updated and sustainable in their particular field. It can also decrease the time require to do a new hire up in an organization. It is being said that primary difference between winner and loser will be the ability of responding to changes, one who adopts and pace up with the advancements will be the winner, Losers will keep trying to pace up and work with the continuous advancements.

Human & Machine collaboration, though automation and advancement of technology is improving productivity but the challenge is to successfully transfer tasks from people to machines and use “enormous pool of data” and to find human and machine balance. In this era, managers have to figure out ways to make technology more viable. According to SHRM’s survey, top future Human capital challenge identified by HR Professionals is developing the next generation of organizational leaders which is 39% beating loss of skilled work set due to retirement, maintenance of employee benefits and maintaining high level of employee engagement; which currently is top challenge faced by organizations.

Quiet a surge is expected in Nontraditional HR employment model from 19% (current) to rise to 40% (as per willingness shown by HR professionals). Management as supervisor is outdated now; this is an era of management as coach or management as worker.


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