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What is Google’s Mobile-friendly Algorithm update?

On April 21st Google has announced to update the search criteria to determine how website will be ranked in search for mobile users.

After this update searcher can more easily find high quality and most relevant results where text is easily readable without extra effort of viewing page by using tapping and zooming.

Mobile search will avoid those search results which have unplayable content or there is horizontal scrolling.

Google says that this update will have significant impact on all searches of mobiles in all languages all around the world. This update will help users to find higher quality search results.

This update will only effect search rankings on mobile devices it will not affect ranking of website on desktop searches. It applies to individual pages not as a whole to a website’s ranking.

How can I test my website for this update?

There are many ways to test that your website is mobile friendly.You can use Google  Webmaster Tools   to test website pages for mobile compatibility report in detail. If you want quick check you can run Mobile-friendly Test for webpage.

Website mobile compatibility test can be done manually by testing each page of a website on different mobile devices.


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