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Why I’m unable to edit in WordPress back-end?

When we talk about the backend of WordPress sites, the most helpful thing is the page builders developed to create stunning web pages with a lot of helping elements inside one package.

Different page builders have some advantages over the others but here we are talking especially about the leading page builder used from the last several years. Yes, it is Visual Composer Page Builder.

WP-Bakery Visual composer have many advantages over the others, that is why its usage percentage is a lot better than the same in the domain. In this article, we are discussing the problem faced while using WP Bakery Visual Composer and some of the common problems are.

  • Text gets white, only could be seen when we select the text
  • The only text version is shown even when the visual appearance tab is clicked.
  • Visual Appearance doesn’t load for the editor, preloaded gets loaded infinitely.
  • Composer elements don’t work.

First Hand Solution:
These are main problems faced with WP Bakery Visual Composer Plugin, mostly when WordPress gets updated visual composer reacts in an odd fashion. There is no general and specific solution with code or any particular tweak that could work for every other theme.

Specific Solution:
Specific code tweaks can be made for the particular theme but it would not be general for other themes.

The General Solutions for this problem are:

  • Deactivate the plugin and activate again
  • Uninstall the plugin and install it again.

If this doesn’t solve the problem then try to download the latest version of Visual Composer if you are a premium user, but in many cases we buy this as a package with the theme, so it is the responsibility of the theme developers to update and solve any bug found while new WordPress interact with the plugin.
So in this case,

  • Download latest theme and plugins version, it could solve the issue.

There is no permanent solution for this type of problem rather than finding a solution when it occurs especially when WordPress new version is installed.
We can go for theme support because they have charged us for the plugin as well, and update the composer plugin. This would definitely be a best possible and general solution because we can’t have a pre-written tweak to handle conflicts that would come in the version that is yet to come.


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